1. Why choose Geekbuying affiliate program?
a. $5 one-time bonus for new affiliate
b. 30 days tracking gap
c. High conversion rate
d. Average order value over $100
e. Tiered commission structure
f. Easy and flexible to withdraw

2. Is it free to join in Geekbuying affiliate program?
Yes, it is 100% free to join in, and you will get a $5 one-time bonus once your account get approved.

3. Is it possible to promote with facebook, telegram or twitter?
Yes, you can promote Geekbuying by facebook, telegram, twitter, youtube, blog, forum, coupons and deals site.

4. PPC promotion is available for Geekbuying affiliates?
Terms and Conditions Update:★
Forbidden for Geekbuying Affiliates on PPC Advertising on Any Search Engine,
the policy will be effective and executed from Apr.1st.2019.

5. How to generate referral links?
a. Deep Link Generator
https://affiliate.geekbuying.com/deeplink.php?affid={geekbuying affiliate id}&url={geekbuying url}
affid = Your Affiliate ID of Geekbuying In-house
url = Geekbuying landing page that you decide to promote

affid = 102
url = https://www.geekbuying.com/item/Tronsmart-Element-T6-Plus-Bluetooth-Speaker-Black-414905.html

b. Bulk Links Creator
Log in and use Bulk Links Creator under Custom Tracking Links to get massive referral links

c. Automated Link Creation
Manage Account--Custom Tracking Links--Alternate Incoming Page Links--entering the URL you expect traffic delivered to, and a tracking link will be created

6. What is 30 days tracking gap?
When an affiliate promote Geekbuying item with exclusive affiliate tracking on his website or media channel group,
the affiliate will get commissions if a customer clicked his affiliate tracking link and finish an order during 30 days.

7. Introduction of two tiered commission structure?
According to two tiered commission structure of Geekbuying Affiliate Program, you will get a bonus for each sale of affiliate your referred.
If any two-tier relationship noticed between a company or a business group, the tier structure will be removed permanently, and the related affiliates will be punished.

8. How to withdraw?
See more: Withdrawal Request

9. How to get the $5 bonus in cash?
You can withdrawal the $5 signup bonus when your commissions over $100(including $100).

10. The bonus was calculated in the minimum commission withdrawal amount?
No, signup bonus is not included in the minimum commission withdraw amount.
The total due is $100.00 now. But only $95.00 of it was actually generated, the affiliate won't appear in our payment list because there is $5.00 short of our minimum balance required.
After the affiliate was paid for the first time, it will become a true balance because there will no longer be a signup bonus on the affiliate's account.

12. How about the Commission Structure?
We offer 5% commission rate for all affiliates on Geekbuying affiliate program.

13. How about the Exclusive Coupon Code Assignment Policy?
Geekbuying will assign exclusive coupon codes for some affiliates by in-house program if necessary. When the exclusive coupon code was used during checkout, the assigned affiliate will receive a corresponding commission rate as the assigned code set, but it doesn't work for any other non-assigned affiliates.

If an exclusive coupon code was assigned to affiliate “A” with 10% commission rate, but the assigned code promoted by affiliate “B”, however, the affiliate “B” won’t get any commission once an order referred. Only the affiliate “A” who was assigned the exclusive coupon code can get the 10% commission rate as we set.

All orders used the assigned coupon code will be commissioned for affiliate “A” from Geekbuying in-house program.

As for coupon code "ABCDEFG", the exclusive assigned coupon code will be named by AFF+affiliate ID, if your affiliate ID is 101, the assigned coupon code can be AFF101_ABCDEFG

The most important thing is that only the Geekbuying official assigned coupon code listed in your affiliate account comes with special commission rate.

Any other coupon codes you set by yourself with the same format as assigned coupon code will be commissioned for 5%.

14. When the commission will be approved?
The sale commission will be checked and approved once a month, the previous month's orders will be checked about the 10th of next month, if any withdrawal application submitted.

15. How to check orders, commissions and sales in affiliate account? 
To get commissions report under the commissions of the Panel, or by directly access link: Commissions Report
The commissions report can be selected by time, order number, order status, and it supports CSV download.
Besides, the corresponding sale amount, order destination country, Sub id and tid are available to the report.

16. How to Reset Your Affiliate Account Password?
1. To visit the login page: https://affiliate.geekbuying.com/login.php
2. Please click the button “Need Your Password?” on the login page
3. Submitting your username, and click the button" send to email"
4. To check your registered email for the new password

17. Is it possible to withdraw commissions by coupon at Geekbuying?
Yes, it is possible, the coupon code can be site wide. What you need do is to submit your application
before 10th of each month from Withdrawal Request form with the following details:
1. Indicate the commission period you decide to withdraw by coupon
2. List the product link you expect to buy with the withdrawal coupon
3. The order used the withdrawal coupon cannot be commissioned for any Geekbuying affiliate program